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Why do I need my watch serviced?

Your watch will need regular servicing to maintain a quality working condition and to prevent more expensive repairs in the future.  Like the parts of a car engine, there are many, many parts in a fine Swiss timepiece that require proper lubrication and replacement as they wear out.  The moving parts will gradually wear down against each other and non-moving parts like gaskets and seals will naturally degrade over time.  Irregular, or improper, maintenance with your timepiece can be as severe as doing so with your car.  Our Basic Service maintenance option will keep your timepiece in top shape between Complete Overhauls.

Why choose you to handle my watch?We've been in business since 1985 and as an authorized service center for the Movado Group (Movado, Concord, Ebel, Coach, ESQ), Gucci, and Bulgari brands you can trust us to take care of your watch.  Our service personnel are certified, on-site, and have decades of experience on most Swiss-made watches so we can handle even the brands not listed above.  

We use only genuine lubrication/parts to replace broken or worn out ones.  We have an extensive documentation system for each timepiece we handle so that we know where your watch is and what's happening to it.

What happens to my watch when I take it in?
After we ask you questions about current status of your timepiece, we'll evaluate what needs to be done in order to return the watch to its former working condition.  Then, we'll give you an estimate for the cost of repairs depending on the make and model of the watch as well as which of the service options, Basic Service or Complete Overhaul, is required.   If you accept the estimate we'll perform the service option you request.

What happens during Basic Service and Complete Overhaul?
Basic Service includes:

  • Battery & gasket (and crown if needed) replacement
  • Pressure test to ensure a tight seal for water-resistant watches
  • and Cleaning for the case and bracelet

Complete Overhaul includes a basic service plus:

  • Movement disassembly and cleaning
  • Reassembly of movement and lubrication of parts
  • Worn or broken parts are replaced with genuine parts
  • Timing and regulating for accuracy (for mechanical watches)
  • Refinish and polishing of the case and bracelet

How often should I get my watch serviced?
Watch manufacturers recommend servicing every two years, and getting a complete overhaul every 4-8 years for a watch undergoing general use.  A watch that undergoes extended or frequent wet conditions will need servicing much more often in order to maintain their water-resistant seals.  Many of the smaller batteries will last 1-2 years, and their timely replacement during servicing can prevent a more costly repair in the future.

How long will my repair take?
We will try and expedite the service on a timepiece for walk-in customers, and will usually have an estimate ready after 15-30 minutes.  The basic service for a walk-in customer will take about 30 minutes~1 hour, not including the time required for the estimate, if your watch isn't in need of additional time to perform the cleaning.  But you can usually expect it to take 2-3 working days to perform basic service.  A complete overhaul will generally take 10-14 working days if there is no need to order new parts.

Do you provide a warranty on the repair work you perform?
There is a one year warranty for our Complete Overhaul service on the labor and movement of a watch, in normal use, that fails due to defective materials or faulty workmanship.   For our Basic Service, we will warranty the battery and the water-resistant seal against normal use for one year.  Please note our warranty does not cover a watch undergoing abuse, neglect, and/or improper servicing.

Can I get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix my watch?
Due to the unpredictable condition of a watch, we cannot give you a quote until we've visually inspected it.  It usually takes about half an hour to get a quote for a walk-in customer, and expect about a day after a shipped watch arrives to get an estimate.

What if I decline to have my watch fixed after receiving my estimate?
We merely ask that you pay for the shipping costs to return the watch back to you.

How do I ship my watch?
Ship your timepiece in bubble wrap inside a securely fastened, taped box to protect it during transit.  Do not ship it in the original gift box or any box with the manufacturer's brand name on it.  Send it through the US Postal Service (or UPS, DHL, FedEx, or another carrier if you prefer) and be sure to have it fully insured and signature required.  Send it to Atelier Associates; 5444 Westheimer, Ste 1550; Houston, TX 77056 not the manufacturer's address.  Please include a note that has your name, address, contact information, a description of problems you are having with your watch. Also, please enclose a valid, signed warranty card only if it's still under the manufacturer's warranty and if we're an authorized service center for that brand.

What does the term "Authorized" mean?
An authorized service center is one that will honor the warranty on the timepieces of that brand and perform the covered repair work free of charge.  Work performed by unauthorized personnel on watches will void your warranty.  Only authorized dealers or retailers may sell that brand's watches with the manufacturer's warranty.  An authorized dealer is not always an authorized service center and vice versa.

How long does the manufacturer's warranty last?
Manufacturer's both vary their warranty coverage and will sometimes alter them so you'll have to check the warranty card that came with your purchase to find out the specificities for your timepiece.

Is there a warranty on the pre-owned watches you sell?
We provide a one year warranty on all pre-owned watches when used normally.  This warranty is void if the watch is abused, neglected, or improperly serviced.

How do I get work for a watch that's still under warranty?
Claims for a watch under warranty must be made with the valid, signed warranty card accompanying the timepiece.  Unsigned cards will be signed with a dated receipt from an authorized dealer. Watches purchased from unauthorized dealers do not qualify for the manufacturer's warranty.

How long do I have to pay for the work on my watch?
90 days after watch repairs are completed is the deadline unless prior arrangements are made, past that the watch is sold to pay for the repair parts and labor.

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